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What's in my head...
Don't let it out, or it will subvert the helpless and destroy the universe...
After three months of my day job doing it's best to kill me by sleep deprivation, and technical issues to overcome I have managed to process and upload the 1100+ pictures from the photoshoot! I apologize to all for the delay, sadly it was inevitable.

Click on the fuzzy to get the photos

For anyone who missed picking up the DVDs of their photos you can e-mail me at cmbrown[at]twcny[dot]rr[dot]com and I will upload the full size images to a place where you can download them.

I hope you all enjoy!

~ Ace.
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You know, I am starting to think that my livejournal is becoming an archive for my hatred of stupid things that authors do in fantasy novels.

So, today's topic. Wishes.

The other day I read a novel that made me really cranky because it was clearly ripping right from another extremely accredited fantasy series. I don't know if this author had permission to do this, and if they didn't man they deserve to be sued into horrifying death over their oversight. But the author did something that I seem to be finding typical in quite a few stories and fantasy novels out there.

So, you are in a world with honest to goodness magic. There is a creature, mythical being, or object that can do something so awesome that you can barely contain yourself. It can grant you a wish, or more likely, three wishes.



Seriously, wishes, are like anything your heart desires. If you can think of it, you can get it with a wish right?


You go on your quest, you catch this magical creature, obtain this object, you trade away your blood, sweat, and tears to get it. You give up a little piece of yourself in the process. Your causes is selfless, and just. And then, said creature/object of copious magical talent tells you "Oh I can't do that, it's against the rules."


You have got to be fucking kidding me. This is a WISH goddammit. By definition it is ANYTHING you can think of. Any of it. It doesn't matter the consequences, it's a fucking wish. King of the universe? You got it. Want to be a god? Step right this way. Want to live forever, AND be indestructible? Holy shit, look at you, you're immortal. Go jump off a cliff, it'll be funny as hell when you stand up, dust your shit off, and just walk away while everyone stares at the hole you made. And most of the time it's NONE of this crazy selfish shit that people want. They want a dead friend who gave their life to a great cause to be restored to life. They want something precious returned to someone that they traded away to save the lives of others.

But no, they get the shaft. Some senseless invisible set of rules created by... wait a minute didn't you just say this was a FUCKING WISH?!

Excuse me Mr. Magic Wish Granting Monster, do come a little closer so I can STUFF AN ICE PICK INTO YOUR BRAIN.


That is all.

~ Ace.

Feeling: annoyed You can't fix stupid.

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I'm not sure how to react to this right now. I'm stuck in limbo someplace between agast, and enraged.

I should explain.

I am not published yet, but I like to think of myself as an author. I have written a book, which I am now manipulating into a real fantasy novel. I hope to be done very soon, and published sometime next year if I am lucky. I work, extremely hard on my writing. I do my best to put thought into it, and to make sure(with as much certainty as I can have) that I have not copied anyone else in terms of story or ideas. I try to make the characters in my novel feel real, despite the fact that many of them are not human. I realize, how incredibly hard it is to come up with something that could not be said to resemble the ideas of another at this point.

Yesterday, I read a novel. It was short by my standards. Three hundred and ninety pages. I got through it quite quickly, and even after I realized that some of the concepts were blatantly, and even dispassionately stolen from another work, I plowed through anyways just to see the end. I am left, at this point, quite despondent. This book, was recommended on the blog of an author who's work I have read, and that I respect. He gives praise to a fellow author, and offers up his book as proof of this praise. Is this what will happen to my work, eventually someone will praise someone else for taking the very fabric of my imagination, and calling it their own?

The book in question is called The Magicians by Lev Grossman. A large portion of it's concepts are consumed whole, and intact from C.S. Lewis' world of Narnia.

That is all.

~ Ace

Feeling: apathetic apathetic

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All right, so a little under three years ago I got a new car. It was a 2008 Ford Taurus. They are beautiful looking cars, but just a few months later they came out with the new body design which just looked fucking super sexy. There is no other way to describe it, looking at this car was like admiring an incredibly fine mythical goddess. And I was so pissed. I cursed myself for not waiting for the new body design regardless of the fact that I didn't know it was coming out when I bought my car. So for two+ years I have been looking at this thing with envy,a nd being pissed.

So... this Saturday I decide that it is time to rectify this error.

All I can say about this car is... holy shit. These are obviously not pictures of MINE, as I will not be able to do the car justice in taking pictures of it until spring. However this is the same model and color. Mmm black on black, with charcoal black interior. I do so submit that this car could not be any sexier.

Fuck doesn't this thing look aggressive? It looks like it is ready to introduce other cars to the business end of it's ass kicking boots if they look at it wrong. It goes, really fast, which makes me happy in the pants. Not to mention that it has tons of badass geek features, that make the nerd in me squeal with joy. Microsoft Sync with full voice activation (which works amazingly well). Select Shift Sport Transmission with Paddle Shifters (Yes, my car is magical, it is automatic AND standard at the same time. At least it is the closest thing to this happening as is possible). And it rides, and drives as smooth as good glass.

I love my old car, but man this new one just tickles me.

I am pleased.

That is all.

~ Ace.

Feeling: amused amused

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All right so, back in 1996, they made a remake of a cartoon from way back in the day. Some of you may know what I am talking about.

It was called The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest

All right, love it, hate it. I don't care about, it is not the point of this entry. I personally liked it, and I went back to find it on youtube this weekend and enjoy it again.

Now, before I begin, let me dispense with the obvious. The following statement should dispense with cartoons that have staked a darker territory. Lets leave out anything from Japan here folks. The Japanese are crazy. End statement.

So I start watching it, I jump around as I am prone to do to check out the episodes I actually remember the most. And I'm sitting there thinking... what THE fuck is this?

Seriously, there is more ridiculous death in that cartoon than any other to date that I can recall. Like once an episode someone dies. And I don't mean your run of the mill, shot in the face type death.

No no, I'm talking, holy shit you just got eaten by alligators, blown to bits in an airplane crash, head split by a giant viking sword, fallen into a pit of cobras with a dying assassin clinging to your legs, drained of all vitality by a crazy demon monster, mummified horrifyingly by an ancient plague, crushed flatter than piss on a platter by a moving stone ceiling, burned to obliteration in a falling space station, bitten to death in the face by a venomous snake while falling out of an airplane, DEATH (that last one... seriously).

All this shit happened in that show, and if I am not mistaken I only watched the second season! I am thinking: "Damn I should have worn a helmet for this shit."

And it was on PRIME TIME. Like 7PM for all the kiddies in the world to watch. Cartoon Network was fucking awesome back then.

~ Ace.

Feeling: satisfied Gratuitous Murder

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So, man I haven't posted here in ages yet again. Should probably do that more often but I just find myself lacking the time as of late. Anyways, to the point of the entry.

I loves me some classical music. Most people who know me probably do not know this about me, as you rarely will hear me listening to it when others are around. Yesterday I found a most excellent recording of Toccata and Fugue in D Minor as played on the terrifyingly enormous, and beautiful pipe organ in the Riga Cathedral.

Pipe Organs kick your ass. All right, if you have an ass, consider it having been kicked by a Pipe Organ.

Right, now that I got that out of my system on to the recording.


If you enjoy classical music, I believe you will enjoy this. I'm usually on the look out for classical symphonies played on alternative instruments. I love Steve Vai's rendition of Beethoven's Fifth played on electric guitar.

That is all.

~ Ace.

Feeling: amused Ah, music.

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A long time ago, when I was a little younger, and just graduating from High School I decided to go to college. Looking back now, I can honestly say that school, from the time I went to kindergarten to the time I graduated did nothing but stifle my creativity. I can honestly say that both elementary school, and high school never really taught me very much that was worth knowing. I learned all of that from my parents.

So when I started college as a computer science major (which I later got my bachelors in computer science) my imagination began to expand. I don't know if you understand what a Geometric Rate is, but that was how my imagination expanded. Exponentially. I had written some stories when I was high school, I always liked to write (but hated english as a subject, go figure). But what I started a couple years or so after I started college became an entirely different animal. I wrote long stories. A hundred or more pages was short to me, and I began to write down things that were a few hundred pages long. I did this fairly regularly for about two years, writing what I can only estimate was somewhere between 800,000 and a solid 1,000,000 words. It was all I did in my free time besides hanging out with my friends. I wrote stories. But then I began a novel. I was still fairly young as a writer and looking back now on what I am currently editing into what I hope will be my first published novel, I see my mistakes and failings sharply. I have continued to improve and I think that I will continually improve for the rest of my days.


Of all of the things I have done in my life, none have been as challenging as writing, and re-writing this novel. It is over 200,000 words right now, and it is going to get a little longer before I am ready to try sending it off to a publisher again. I am writing under a pen name, and no I won't tell anyone what it is, but I hope to be published sometime in the next couple of years if I can pull it off. This all leads me to something I want to say to everyone out there who has ever read a novel in a series, and felt impatient in waiting for the next one.

If you are not a writer yourself, I assure you, you can not begin to understand how difficult it is to write these novels. I have picked up books, and read them, and hated them. Still I respect the fact that this author has poured their heart and soul into these novels. For that I tip my hat to them.

To any of you out there who have ever picked up, and read a novel, then thought to yourself "I could write this stuff! I should become an author." I charge you to try it sometime. Try to sit down a write a novel. You will find it is not anything like you think it is. I did things in college while writing software to earn my Computer Science degree that were hellishly complex, and most people would never understand the concepts used. Yet writing this novel makes those things seem pale in a comparison of their difficulty.

Be kind to your authors folks, trust me, we appreciate it.

~ Ace.

P.S. - I know I am supposed to spell out the numbers, but I'm too busy editing my novel right now to be bothered with these tiny details!

Feeling: calm calm

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Wow, two posts in two days. But I have to get this out of my system somewhere.

You know, I have two problems as of late. Things that I am not sure when they happened, or how to wrap my brain around them. And I have to ask. What the hell is the matter with everyone? Do people even know what friendship is anymore? Or has everyone become so weak minded that they cannot think of people outside of themselves?

White Knighting.

You know what, fuck that phrase. You use it with me, if I don't know you personally, I instantly loose a margin of respect for your ability to think on your own. You want to know why? It's pretty damn simple actually, so I can't believe you can't see it. When the hell did it become a crime to defend your friends? You only make it worse by defending them? What the hell is the matter with you people, have you no real friends? Well I do, and to me you show vast ignorance in the sharing of friendship between people. Your opinion about me defending my friends is so worthless to me that I cannot possibly express the depths of my contempt for whatever you have to say on this subject. This phrase is such an effrontery to my protective instincts that it is like the smell of a long rotting corpse on a hot summer day.

This leads me to my second problem.

What the hell is the matter with people?

Seriously, what the hell makes you people think you are all so great? You make mistakes too, and when you do you expect people to forgive you. But low be the day that someone else make a mistake, because there is no forgiveness for that. This is to all people who post on artists_beware, and even when their post is answered they find themselves to be so self important that even though someone has tried to help the are still going to hold a grudge. And everyone else who chimes in, and says this or that. Saying what someone SHOULD have done in the past. Are you seriously that ignorant? What people SHOULD have done doesn't mean a DAMN thing. Unless you have discovered time travel, and you can magically fix all of your past mistakes why don't you take a number so you can get on the bus off my fucking planet. You call me arrogant for saying this, and maybe I am a little, but at least I am doing it on purpose. It doesn't come into comparison with your lack of intelligent thought, I can choose not to be an ass. But as my Father, and Ron White are fond of saying, You can't fix stupid.

Get it through your heads. Mistakes are learning experiences and nothing more. You must correct your mistakes, but if someone asks you to do more than that they have gone to far. And people who ask for more, you should be ashamed of yourself. You have made mistakes too, I have made mistakes, none of us are any better. Do not begin to think you are. When you hold a grudge because someone screws up, that makes you an ass. Period end of story. When you scoff at someone who is trying to fix their mistakes, it lowers you even farther. There is no argument that you can make for this. It is unacceptable.

I honestly do not wish to offend anyone with this, but this is how these things make me feel. Like most of my rants this is not directed at anyone one person, it is just something that I feel a certain way about.

That is all,

~ Ace.

Note: To clarify a little here, I don't have a problem with people posting on artists_beware. The original poster, by all means tell people when you have a bad experience. But the people who respond, the ensuing discussion, when it shits all over the artist for having made a mistake. Those are the people who this is directed towards. It would be like, if in real life, if your friend told you about a bad experience they had. Then you went, and ran up to the person they were talking about, and gave them a bunch of shit. You would be lucky to keep all your teeth. Not only that, you would deserve it. The internet is not a license to be an asshole.

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I haven't posted on here in months, want to know why? Well it's pretty simple. Every time I post something on an LJ community that isn't my own LJ or FurFright I get a bunch of shit for it.

As might be said on TV Tropes it seems that a whole hell of a lot of people out here in the internet are carrying the Idiot Ball, and may have descended into being Too Dumb To Live.

Well that, and I pretty much have nothing interesting to post about. I am doing well, my imagination is still producing interesting things for me to write down, and I have yet to do anything interesting beyond that this year. Life is boring right now. Also, the iPad is a piece of garbage with only very limited technical value, why are so many people rushing out to buy them?

That is all.

~ Ace.

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Yup, there it goes. Marvel has been purchased by Disney.

The end is nigh.

Feeling: angry angry

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